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Yoder International Academy (YIA) is a comprehensive private secondary experimental institution which follows Common Core State Standards from the United States. Approximately one hundred and five students are enrolled in YIA, with about fifty belonging to the high school division, which covers grades ten through twelve. In addition, its attached middle school division houses students ranging from grades six through nine.  The campus opened in the fall of 2019 and looks forward to its first graduating class of seniors in 2022. YIA is currently a candidate for accreditation with Cognia and holds membership in the College Board.


Yoder International Academy is located in the heart of Zhongli District, an important part of Taoyuan City, surrounded by industry, factories, a thriving community, and a rapidly expanding residential area. Demographically, Taoyuan City is comprised mainly of Han Chinese people, but Neili, the sector of Zhongli that Yoder International Academy is nestled within, also features a bustling community of migrant workers from a variety of countries, from German tech workers to Filipino and Indonesian migrant laborers. Sharing the same community as Yoder International Academy is several other public schools, domestic Chinese-based institutions. The student body of Yoder International Academy is roughly 90% Taiwanese (largely Han Chinese), but the remaining ten percent is made up of American, Korean, and Filipino students. The faculty is even more diverse, with teachers hailing from Taiwan, the United States of America, South Africa, Israel, and India.


The academic program is organized on an eight period per day schedule, with different classes taking place every day of the week. Classes are 45 minutes per period. Language Arts has eight periods a week, while Social Studies, Math, and Science courses each have five periods a week. An emphasis on project-based learning and student-centered instruction is the cornerstone of YIA’s design, ensuring students are college ready, experienced in giving presentations of all kinds, and writing well-structured essays with proper citations.
While Yoder International Academy is too small to offer AP courses, it does hold a few Honors classes, and many of our students have gone on to take AP tests in multiple subjects.
Honors classes are offered in English language arts, biology, calculus, chemistry, and physics.

Grading, GPA and Ranking

YIA utilizes the following grading scale, percentages, and weighted GPA system. The school does not rank students. Instead, students are rewarded if they score over 3.5 with being on the Honor Roll, and the Dean’s List if they make 3.75 or higher.

University Matriculation

Since YIA first graduating class will graduate in June of 2022, we do not have the final result of their matriculation data yet. Several students have taken AP exams and most have taken the SAT and scored well within an acceptable range for college application.

Contact Information

Address: 225 Changhcun 1st Street, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 32065

Main Office: (886) 3-452-3566

Counseling Tel: (886) 3-452-3566 ext. 905

Jimmy Su, Ph.D. — Superintendent & Principal Investigator

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Jerry Hsieh, Ed.D. – CEO & Head of School

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Joann Kuo — Academics Office

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