Yoder has received the certification from DoE of Taoyuan City

Founded by the nonprofit Hsieh Yoder Educational Foundation, 「桃園市有得實驗教育機構」or  “Yoder International Academy”, has received the official registration certificate from Department of Education of Taoyuan City in August, 2019 and is now accepting admission applications.

Yoder’s program includes both the core courses of the US middle and high school curriculum while retaining the advantages of Taiwan education system. Major courses are instructed by experienced English teachers from Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States. We firmly believe our program can better prepare students to take on the challenges in the future. Gr.6~10 students who are looking for unique program that combines the US and Taiwanese curriculum education are welcome to apply.



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For any of your questions regard to the admission, please feel free to contact our admission office. Tel: +886-3452-2128