2020 Yoder English Contest – Middle School Division

2020 Yoder English Contest took place on December 31, 2020. This year, Yoder invited three judges to the event. They are professor Jia-Yeuan Lee from Chung Yuan Christian University, Mr. Chien-Chi Chu of Wu-Ling Senior High School, and Ms. Ya-Hui Lu from Shou Shan Senior High School. Once again, congratulations to the following students:

Event Video

Class Name Award
8 INT Nita Hsu 徐鈺婷 First
8 INT Shaunna Wu 吳雙 Second
7 INT Mackenzie Cheung 張秉詒 Third (tie)
7 INT Olivia Yu 余宥靚 Third (tie)
9 INT Rachel Liu 劉羽喬 Outstanding Performance
9 INT William Chen 陳偉志 English Excellence

First Place: Nita Hsu

Second Place: Shaunna Wu

Third Place (tie): Mackenzie Cheung & Olivia Yu